Finding my voice

I have always wanted to do better, achieve more, learn and grow.

During my own journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, I stepped into the world of personal development and fell in love with it. I had the good fortune that I could read or listen to these great coaches in their own language.

Sadly, I could not always share all their teachings with my friends and family, because this revolutionary work was simply not available in my native language.

In awe of this amazing community of teachers that gave their all to help others grow, I started wondering how I could combine my unique skills to make my own contribution. After some soul-searching this idea started to take form.

I would use my language skills and combine them with my love of personal development to help others get their message across. So that all English, French and Dutch speaking fans of personal development could reap the same benefits of growth and self-development as I have.

Silvy Codde

Silvy Codde

I want to make the world a better place. I want to help people grow into their full potential. I want them to discover their true passions and their life purpose. So they can live a meaningful life and live it fully.



Since then I have teamed up with English and French wordsmiths so that I can offer you a full package:

  • English – French – Dutch translation in any combination
  • Proofreading your English – French – Dutch copy
  • Copywriting based upon your message to your specific target audience

The result: Flawless copy that will dazzle your clients, tailored exactly to their needs. Sparkling copy that’s ready for publication, whether online or in print.