Finding her voice

Let me tell you a story, an epic tale of a great heroin slaying her inner dragons.

Once upon a time there was a little girl with big dreams. This little girl was full of hopes and desires but was just too scared and insecure to go after what she really wanted out of life. So she kept herself small and stayed within her own little bubble of comfort, where she felt safe and cherished.

Years passed and the girl started feeling a restlessness inside. The long-cherished hopes and dreams were still buried somewhere deep inside her, ready to burst out. Mustering up as much courage as she could, she finally set out on a journey of self-discovery. Her big purpose: finding her voice.

It was a voyage riddled with challenges she had to overcome. Luckily, she encountered several guides that accompanied her with their ancient wisdom. The guides encouraged her to dream bigger, live more boldly and step further and further away from everything she had ever believed and thought about herself. With each step she grew more confident and self-assured. She started believing in herself and the incredible things she was capable of. She boldly confronted and slayed each and every dragon that blocked her path. With each small victory she grew more into her full, authentic self and although her journey was far from over, she knew with absolute certainty that she would be able to face whatever life would throw at her. All she had to do was trust herself and not let her fears and doubts paralyze her. And so little by little she started finding her own unique voice and it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Now the girl wondered: “What should I do now that I’ve found my voice?”. The answer in her mind was crystal-clear. Help other little girls just like her to find their own, unique voice in this world.

So that they can spread their own message of hope and encouragement. So that every scared little girl in this world can learn what she is truly capable of: surpassing herself and living her true purpose.

Now it's your turn

Let’s find your voice together